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FastLane Automotive Accessories is the industry’s leading manufacturer and marketer of innovative aftermarket sprayable automotive films. Our mission is to pioneer the shift and expansion of the color change, paint protection and clear coat markets.

At FastLane, we’re automotive enthusiasts. We love dirty hands and clean wheels, “built, not bought,” and the satisfaction of doing it yourself. We’re devoted to finding parts and accessories that make time spent in your garage and behind the wheel more rewarding.

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FastLane Automotive Accessories are proudly made in Canada. We’ve developed a large scale, ISO9001 certified, efficient supply chain network to meet and support the growing worldwide demand for the most innovative DIY products. Our product formulas were researched, developed and tested with Laval University’s Nano Technology department, the National Institute of Scientific Research and the National Research Council of Canada.

Our formulations meet various environmental regulations such as Maximum Incremental Reactivity (MIR) and VOC standards. FastLane Automotive Accessories is consistently improving its formulas to increase application efficiencies, finish quality and durability of its products.

Private Label

FastLane Automotive Accessories’ innovative products, research and development expertise, high manufacturing capacity and vast marketing knowledge makes it the ideal partner for your private label projects. Our innovative products can have many more usages across various industries, and we welcome businesses looking to create a partnership. Contact us for more information.


FastLane Automotive Accessories’ innovative products provide unique opportunities to OEM manufacturers in various industries. OEM manufacturers may find benefits from integrating our products in their production lines due to our high technical performances, unique application opportunities and to support premium market positions. Contact us to discuss your OEM integration project.

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